anterior hip replacement surgeon parramatta

The hip surgery seems to be terrifying but it is less terrifying than the pain one must feel having the hip problem. The hip surgery is very common nowadays because people usually met an accident due to falling on their back or from stair that led to dislocation if hip bones or serious damage to their pelvis, that can lead them to the wheelchair. Usually, people prefer to go for physiotherapy to recover from such hip displacement but in some cases, the only solution is hip surgery. When it comes to hip surgery, you have to be with the hip surgeon. There are multiple types of approaches when it comes to hip surgery like;

  • Posterior Approach
  • Anterior Approach 

Posterior Approach: 

The Posterior Approach is still the most common and in practice approach used by the hip surgeon. In this method, the surgeon gets an incision from the buttocks, this also helps the hip surgeon to have a better view of the hip and their joints. This procedure helps to reduce invasive tissues in the hip, which leads to less stay in the hospital. Hip surgeries are very delicate, so then you must be selecting the best hip surgeon if you want perfect results. 

Anterior Approach: The Anterior approach is reactively newer in comparison to the posterior approach. In the anterior approach, the anterior hip replacement surgeon performance incision from the leg not from the buttock. The small incisions are used up to the size of 4 inches. In an anterior hip replacement, the new instrumentation helps in reducing the muscle damage which helps the patient to recover faster. Also, anterior hip replacement surgery takes less time than the posterior approach. The anterior hip replacement surgery helps the patient to spend less time in hospital and they can easily walk again faster.


Both procedures are effective but their application changes from case to case. Not every case can be treated with a similar procedure, the hip surgeon needs to go deep into the case history and then suggest which procedure will be applicable. There is a specialist posterior and anterior hip replacement surgeon. The hip surgeon has to make their call for opting the procedure for hip replacement surgery. 


It’s not only the surgery that will help you to recover. But you have to be very careful after the surgery for a swift recovery. The hip surgeon will give you a complete recovery plan along with the precautions. The patients must ensure complete compliance with the recovery plan to avoid any complications ins future. The recovery plan may include the following precautions

  • No stair climbing for a specific period
  • Not putting a lot of loads on the hip joint
  • Not sitting on the chair or sofa with cross legs

Also, the person has to minimize their movement for a certain period to give the hip, proper time to heal and adjust.